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Water Evaporators and solvent recycling

Our range of recycling equipment has expanded and has been updated with improved recycling units to provide the biggest choice available anywhere.

We are distributors of specialised equipment for recycling and waste minimisation. Whatever your industry or situation, we have a comprehensive range of products designed to meet today's demands, pollution control and a safer working environment.

All our equipment is aimed at reducing costs, improving quality and helping the environment, we can cover all load capacities to suit all applications.



With solvent /waste disposal costs escalating, recycling provides a simple and safe way to reduce costs examples are:

•             Ink

•             Paints

•             Adhesives

•             Degreasing solvent or almost any wash solution

Recovered solvents have the same properties as new solvent and can be recycled repeatedly. By recycling, solvent purchases can be reduced dramatically and waste disposal is minimised. Pay back can be a matter of months.

Units are available for, none flammable solvents and flammable solvents, various load capacities, vacuum system for high boiling point solvents or those that are temperature sensitive like chlorinated solvents, ATEX approved for use in explosive atmospheres, and all feature a tilting boiler that allows for easy unloading and maintenance.



Features include:

•             Heat pump system for energy efficient treatment - maximum yield with low energy consumption

•             High concentration

•             The process is fully automatic and designed to work 24/7.

•             Programmable microprocessor controls all functions for complete unattended operation

These self- contained systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications examples are:

•             Machine coolants

•             Oil emulsion

•             Rinse waters etc.

The range starts with flow rates of 240 Lts/day to over 6,000 Lts/day. 

Units can be constructed in special materials for certain specialised applications, also self-cleaning boilers are available for products that can encrust the boiler surface like paints, inks and heavily contaminated forging waste streams.

The technology is easy to install, extremely reliable and designed to work unaided.

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